"Miles, this is beautiful. You've got some absolutely gorgeous chords in 
​ here, some things that I wish I wrote! Really gorgeous string writing."
"WHY DOES THIS SOUND SO AWESOME!!!!! Sick job man. I think
a tear is coming down my eye I was so hyped. I love the sound
​ and am even more in love with you currently Miles. Great job."
His father Tom, an amateur jazz musician and avant-garde composer, introduced him to a wide range of music from the time he was born. After hearing the sounds of Monk, Ives, Mingus, and Bartók throughout his early childhood, he began playing piano at the age of 7, then took up trumpet and singing shortly thereafter. He began teaching trumpet to groups of students at the local elementary school when he was in 7th grade, and started giving private lessons to beginners when he was still in high school. After many years as a 
trumpet instructor and performer, he decided to continue his education at the Santa Rosa Junior College. He switched his focus and began studying piano and composition.

-Kenji Bunch, world-renowned

   Composer and Juilliard professor

In addition to performing, composing, and teaching, Miles began his experience with music production at a young age. As soon as he discovered you could make music on a computer, he was forever hooked into the digital music realm. While Miles enjoys the electronic side of music, he likes to integrate the organic sounds from his jazz and classical background.
and Prune Farm Studio

-Christopher Adams     

   Director, Cupid's Conundrum






Miles has performed at numerous venues including the Blue Note Napa, Wells Fargo Center for the Arts, the Green Music Center, Oracle Park, and Chicago's Orchestra Hall. He has played with numerous bands and artists including Kristopher Brownlee, Horses Heaven, Analog Us, Inside Pocket, Tin Circus, the Sonoma County Chamber Singers, and the Manzano/Mckenzie Group. He has appeared on multiple albums, including Before the Breakdown​ by Horses Heaven and Orjazzmic’s self-titled debut.

Miles is also a prolific composer. He has scored several short films, including 2024, a 2019 Burbank International Film Festival Semi-Finalist, as well as the series Cupid's Conundrum.

Currently, Miles is the Choir Director, Pianist, and Organist at St. Stephen's Episcopal Church in his hometown of Sebastopol. He is busy performing as a freelance pianist, vocalist, and trumpet, as well as composing and producing music for film and television. He is actively teaching piano, jazz improvisation, music theory/composition, and ear training at his studio in Sebastopol. Miles is currently working on recording and producing his debut album with Kristina Ibarra, set to be released in 2021. Miles is available for performances and lessons, as well as offering custom composition and production services through Prune Farm Studio.